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Look to the past for online marketing success









Do you think the number of likes, followers and retweets are the most important aspect of your advertising strategy? Think again. In a recent article from Inc., Mitch Joel explains where modern advertising is missing the mark: It’s boring.

Even though companies are spending more of their advertising dollars on new media, they aren’t seeing the results they hoped for. Joel points to research from Research Brief that says that “82 percent of Americans ignore online ads, ahead of television ads at 37 percent.” What’s the value of gaining numerous followers if they are tuning out the majority of what you’re saying?

So, what will catch your customers’ attention online? It isn’t much different from the past, notes Joel. He highlights research from Goo Technologies that shows what consumers want from advertisements. The most popular answers included familiar characteristics like “entertaining, interesting and funny.” Nothing groundbreaking. So, before getting wrapped up in the latest social tool, make sure your advertisements are worth your customers’ attention.

To hear more of Mitch Joel’s thoughts on marketing in the digital age, check out his interview with IABC Ottawa’s The Voice, where he discusses the future of marketing and explains why marketing is everything.

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