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Authentic communication with Millennials

Brands targeting Millennials, pay attention. According to this article by David Trites on the SAP Community Network, Millennials, people born between 1980 and 2000, comprise one third of the U.S. population – a vast demographic with massive consumer clout. Millennials are extremely tech savvy, adaptable, and celebrate their individuality. To that end, they want a personalized shopping experience and so mass marketing doesn’t work on them. Furthermore, they’re globally connected and seek recommendations from friends via social media before making purchases.

This generation of consumers is already influencing the way companies do business. Millennial Lauren Shanley shared an example at a panel discussion at SAPPHIRE NOW. A friend of hers tweeted a photo of her broken sandal with a caption of how sad she was, and “the retailer that sold them saw the Tweet and offered to send her a new pair,” Trites writes. “This retailer gets it… they are listening and responding quickly at a personal level when needed, which is good for business.” And that’s the kind of authentic communication that makes loyal customers.

So in what other ways could companies effectively communicate with Millennials? Find out at the panel discussion, ‘Taking the pulse of the new generation’ at this year’s IABC World Conference in New York. Ypulse General Manager Jake Katz will moderate a session between Michael Lewis (Teach For America), Sandra Lopez (Intel) and Nick Shore (MTV).

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