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The Atlantic Wire turns to social news conversations as part of its editorial process

In an effort to build its audience, The Atlantic Wire announced that it will be using social conversations as a starting point for its editorial process. In this AdWeek article by David Taintor, The Wire editor Gabriel Snyder says of the organization’s new strategy that news is no longer just that which appears on the front page of news sites but it also encompasses the social conversations occurring around each event.  “We want The Wire to be both monitoring that and participating back into that social discussion—and understanding that major events, major ideas, major disclosures, is what’s news,” says Snyder.

As an example of this new strategy, Snyder cites The Atlantic Wire’s rebuttal on social media to a popular Time article about the Millennial generation. According to Taintor, the rebuttal went viral and garnered more than 200,000 views thus far. And the strategy seems to be paying off for The Atlantic Wire’s website as well. According to the AdWeek article, the organization’s social media channels are the biggest drivers of traffic to the website. And these social media channels are driving more and more traffic to the organization’s site with May appearing to be the second best month for the site.  With the site’s continuing growth in popularity, The Atlantic Wire plans to increase its staff in the fall.

What do you think about The Wire’s new editorial strategy?  Should social media have a role in shaping editorial process?

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