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Knowledge-sharing through enterprise social video

Are you using video within your organization in a social context? What about video produced on smartphones? In a podcast interview with Donna Papacosta of Trafalgar Communications, Paolo Tosolini, Director of Digital and Emerging Media at Run Studios, explains the importance of enterprise social media and discusses how to use the newest technologies to facilitate collaboration and support a knowledge-sharing strategy.

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Tosolini consults with organizations looking to embrace social media, online video and mobility as part of their internal communications strategy. In his former job as New Media Business Manager at Microsoft, Tosolini launched and managed the company internal YouTube platform, “Academy Mobile,” which now hosts more than 35,000 employee-generated videos.

In the interview, Tosolini discusses the following:

  • A definition of enterprise social video
  • Creating video today quickly and easily with smartphones, especially the iPhone
  • Digital reporting; Filmic Pro app
  • Value of editing your video
  • Collaboration; people sharing ideas in rich media format: Google+ Hangouts
  • Webinars to a mobile audience
  • Augmented reality; adding a layer of information on top of the real view
  • Multimedia eBooks; Book Creator app
  • The power to create content without a computer
  • Managing video content; need a strategy and a structure
  • Three pillars: the platform, business processes, spreading the word to employees
  • Are Android users out in the cold? No. The Apple ecosystem is more mature, but Android will close the gap.


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