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Leadership lessons from a transformative CEO: Bill McDermott

What does it take to be a transformational leader? Not just a good boss, but someone who can articulate a vision, and create profound change in both an organization and in the lives of employees.

In this video, Bill McDermott, co-CEO of business management software giant SAP, lays out some of the characteristics of great leaders, and great leadership.

First, he says, you need to have a compelling vision for why your business exists. As McDermott says: “Why do you matter in this world? And why should people care?” For SAP, which produces software for  business management, that purpose is to “make the world run better.”

Next, says McDermott, great leaders put people first. Because, he says, “The soft stuff is the real stuff.” That means having authentic, candid conversations with the people you work with.

Finally, great leaders “hire over their head every time.” They surround themselves with people who know more than they do to build superlative teams.

You can hear more from McDermott on leadership and communication at the “Conversation with transformative CEOs” panel at IABC’s upcoming World Conference in June.

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