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Don’t dismiss “old” marketing tactics

Every new social media channel opens up a new frontier of for marketers. But while it’s difficult to resist the allure of the shiny, new ways to get in touch with customers, don’t be too quick to dismiss what’s worked in the past.

In this Digiday post, author Giselle Abramovich asks top marketers at companies like GE, Nissan and Kraft Foods what they think are the most underrated marketing practices. One popular response? Email marketing. Email is still a reliable way to relate to customers and prospects. For one thing, if customers have opted to get your emails, they are expecting to hear from you, and already have a more favorable feeling toward your brand than those who have not opted in.

Another undervalued but powerful practice, according the respondents, is being able to talk to customers in a human voice, particularly in social media. As Orion Brown, senior associate brand manager of Capri Sun at Kraft Foods, notes: ”When we approach digital with a ‘corporate’ voice, it falls flat and even feels a bit like a violation to consumers.” Social media channels are where people go to make connections, to be entertained, to meet up with trusted friends and colleagues. Says Brown, “any banner ad, Facebook post, or sponsored blog that enters the space should treat it as hallowed ground and approach it in a human way or be prepared to be kicked out by the consumer.” Good, old-fashioned human conversation should be the model for social media interactions.

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